Master Degree in Yoga (MAY)

IHS’s Master degree in Yoga is a two years postgraduate academic program comprising four semesters. This course trains students to learn methods to treat and develop skills in yoga therapy and to become therapists, instructors, demonstrators and teachers to help and serve people and the society in general. This degree program is designed to help students to explore Yoga's rich history and its relationship to corporal world, religion, spirituality, and philosophies.


  • MA Yoga is a two-year postgraduate course.

  • This course is supported by classroom lecturers, audio-visual smart class, demonstrations, seminars, workshops, conferences, case studies and study tours.

  • The course syllabus is based on Indian philosophies from ancient sacred scriptures such as – Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwat Gita, Sutras,Hatha Yoga and etc.

  • Practical-oriented knowledge of several practices – Asanas, Mudra, Kriyas, Pranayama, Meditation, etc.

  • This Institute is equipped with renowned faculties and Yoga experts from across the country.

  • This degree explores the origins and historical development of yoga and meditation in India, from ancient times to the modern world. 

  • The course also involved the study of healthy habits (time management, diet, holistic life style and etc).

  • The course is suitable for students interested in increasing physical as well as mental potency, flexibility, weight loss and other healing practices.

  • People interested to manage stress, anxiety and depression, sleep patterns to maintain normal blood pressure, good heart, balanced body and mind etc. are also benefited from this course.

  • The curriculum is designed to provide detailed knowledge and techniques about yogic science and is primarily focused on the theoretical and practical aspects of the ancient discipline including human anatomy and diseases.

  • Students with a background in psychology can aspire to gain knowledge of meditation and mindfulness for their clinical work.

  • The program meets the needs of Yoga students as well as teachers, who are seeking to enhance their knowledge of this ancient science.

  • This programme is being supervised by Project Co-ordinator and guided by our experienced faculties.


The eligibility criteria to get admission in IHS are as follows:


  • Students should have passed Bachelor's Degree in any stream or equivalent from any recognised university.

  • The minimum percentage that needs to be scored by the candidate in qualifying examination is 45%.

  • There is no age limit for admission in this course.

  • The applicant shall be admitted on the basis of test /interview.

  • Those, whose results of qualifying exam are awaited, can also apply.

Future Scope:

  • This course paves the way for further study and research (MPhil/PHD) in this field.

  • One can become a teacher, lecturer and many other higher career opportunities after its completion.

  • After became a yoga instructor, one can become self-employed (an entrepreneur) by running own yoga school, yoga centres/studio and clubs for teaching and consultancy and etc.

  • For the Yoga Professionals, there are several employment opportunities available both in the government & private sectors such as Sports Complexes, Yoga centres, hospitals, resorts & hotels, community healthcare centres, Yoga and Naturopathy colleges or institutions, Universities, Government & private schools.

  • Apart from Television channels, MNC’s and software companies, many institutes from abroad hireling yoga professionals from India.

  • The government has made it compulsory to have a Yoga teacher in schools, colleges, universities and medicals/ rehabilitation centres.

  • After completing ones education in this field, a student of yogic sciences will be certified to work as a Yoga Therapy Instructor, gym manager- cum-Instructor, therapist, Yoga trainer, consultant Yoga Therapist.

  • Candidates those who want to become good instructors have bright prospects to pursue fitness as their career.

  • The instructor with excellent and good skills and knowledge in this field also can open and provide classes and courses outside India.

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IHS's Faculty of Yoga train students in a branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders. By employing various testing strategies, audiologists aim to determine whether someone has normal sensitivity to sounds. This combined with state-of-the-art technology makes IHS one of the premier institutes of India for Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Courses.

Faculty of Yoga
Our Departments 
in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology

The Department of Audiology and Hearing Science at Institute of Health Sciences, Chandaka is dedicated to rehabilitating people with Hearing related issues and improving their quality of life.

Audio-Vestibular Medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the Investigation, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation of both adults and children with Hearing and Balance disorders.

Speech science refers to the study of production, transmission and perception of speech sound, voice and related disorders.

Language disorder is the study of difficulties in the acquisition and use of language in spoken and written due to failure in understanding or production that include reduced vocabulary.

State-of-the-Art hearing aids

Celebrating Audiologist's Day

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Dedicated Audiometry Rooms

Procedural Immitance

Why choose Yoga in IHS?

IHS opens your door to a brighter tomorrow in Yoga.

The speech and hearing specialist, commonly referred to as Audiologist and Speech Pathologist from the Institute of Health Sciences is trained to provide services to the sufferers of hearing disorders and speech defects like stammering, stuttering, voice disorder, delayed speech and language development disorders due to mental retardation, deafness, cerebral dysfunction, autism spectrum disorders etc. the speech and hearing professionals are absorbed into various types of roles depending on the organizational setup.

Prof. Satya Mahapatra

With traditional infrastructure & experienced faculty members, IHS is working hard to provide students with good education & clinical skills, so that they are able to succeed in their respective fields

Ms. Kriti


Trainees are highly motivated young specialists, aspiring to new knowledge. IHS gives everyone great teaching and learning experience in a very friendly atmosphere

Mr. Manoj


Trainees are highly motivated young specialists, aspiring to new knowledge. IHS gives everyone great teaching and learning experience in a very friendly atmosphere

Mr. Bhowmick Kandpal

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and hence bring a multitude of views into classroom interactions, thereby enriching the learning experience

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Professor, Department of Speech & Language Pathology

Prof. Satya Mahapatra

Deputy Director, Clinicals,

Audiology and Hearing Sciences

Manoj Kumar

Head of Department,

Audiology & Hearing Sciences

Bhowmick Kandpal

Head of Department, Language Disorders & Communication Sciences

Kriti Boral

Head of Department,

Audio-Vestibular Medicine

Subhasmita Sahoo

Head of Department,

Speech Sciences & Speech Pathology

Ritika Singh

Lecturer, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Satyabrata Panigrahi

Clinincal Supervisor,

Audio-Vestibular Medicine

Pragnya Paramita Prusty