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  • An outlook on Specific Learning Disability

    If your child struggles with listening, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, or math, take a note of the specific issues you see. These can be the signs of Specific Learning Disability (SLD). Your child might be weak in some specific subject areas like reading, writing or Maths. This can be the result of SLD whereby a student has significant difficulty in one academic area while coping well, or even excelling, in other areas of academic, sporting or artistic achievement. A specific learning disability is a disorder that interferes with a student’s ability to listen, think, speak, write, spell, or do mathematical calculations. Students with a specific learning disability may struggle with Reading (Dyslexia) Writing (Dysgraphia) Math (Dyscalculia) or Co-ordination- (Dyspraxia) And many others Learning disorders, if not recognized and managed, can cause problems throughout a person’s life. These problems include increased risk of greater psychological distress, poorer mental health, dropping out of school and unemployment. There are around 13 to 14 per cent of all school children suffering from special learning disorders In India. SIGNS OF SPECIFIC LEARNING DISABILITIES Difficulty reading Difficulty understanding the meaning of what is read Difficulty with spelling Difficulty understanding number concepts & calculation Difficulty with mathematical reasoning It is not certain why & how SLD is caused, but the reasons could be hereditary, complications during pregnancy, consumption of alcohol, smoking during pregnancy or some severe accident or injury. The sooner your child’s learning issue is identified, the sooner you can arrange for the proper interventions. Though it is believed there is no cure for learning disorders but early intervention can reduce the effect & can develop ways to cope up with these disabilities. As a parent, you should be cautious about treatments that are promoted as a cure for learning disabilities. Many medical interventions are unproven, ineffective and are extremely costly with no independent research. The Model Centre of Children with Special Needs (MCCWSN) is a response of Margdarsi to find solution for Childhood disorders that cause disability. Our experts help building on the child’s strengths and finding ways to compensate for the child’s weaknesses. Our interventions vary depending on the nature and extent of the disability. We provide the least restrictive environment to a child for appropriate results. This means the teaching environment meets a child’s needs and skills while minimizing restrictions to typical learning experiences. MCCWSN provides varieties of rehabilitation therapies to reduce the SLD effects. These include: Occupational Therapy- It helps the children suffering from Dysgraphia (those who have trouble using their hands) & also with sensory processing issues. Our occupational therapists work with the children to practice physical skill that makes them move confidently & creatively. Educational Therapy- Our educational therapists are more than just tutors. The teaching modules are built to work with & around the child’s learning issues. Speech Therapy- Helps the children with dyspraxia (Language- based issues). Our speech therapist work closely with the children who have difficulties in communicating & understanding what they hear. Our Social Skill Group- We help the children with behavioral issues & teach them how to start conversation & control their emotions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- It is very effective way of coping with the effects of anxiety & depression in the children who are very impulsive. The overall treatment by our well qualified professionals is primarily focused on eliminating the results & signs of Learning Disorders. As a parent, you know your child best, and it’s up to you to get the evaluation process in motion. Early the intervention, better the results.

  • What kind of opportunities IHS offers it's student

    In the developing country like India it is quite challenging to cure most forms of disabilities due to lack of proper health care institutes. But since 1999, Institute of Health Science has left no stone unturned for treating the people’s suffering from any form of disability. Functioning under the big umbrella of Margadarsi, I.H.S is dedicated to the welfare of the disabled and development of the rehabilitation & health sciences in Odisha. IHS is the finest institute in the state which is expert in treating all forms of disabilities like Speech impairment, Hearing Impairment, Autism, Physical Disability, etc. IHS is the only institute in the state whichalong with treatment facilities, provides unique Medical Degree courses of rehabilitation sciences viz. “Bachelor in Physiotherapy” (BPT), Master in Physiotherapy (MPT), “Bachelor in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology” (BASLP) and “Master in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology” (MASLP). The courses are recognized by the Government of Odisha, affiliated to Utkal University & approved by the RCI, New Delhi . It is the best institute in the state to study Audiology & physiotherapy, as in a very short span of time, it has earned many recognition and appreciations. It is a recognized Training Center of Health & Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Odisha for Medical officers & Para-Medical Personnel. It is an associate of OPEPA in their Integrated Education for the Disabled (IED) program. IHS provides its services to cure disability of the people with its incomparable facilities. The Neonatal hearing clinic,Hearing Care clinic, Cochlear Implant Clinic,Gerentology Clinicare completely dedicated for healing the sufferings of the hearing impaired people. The students pursing BASLPhere get the opportunity to study along with a good practical experience with high tech diagnostic equipments like • Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometer • Oto Acoustic Emission System • Digital hearing aid Programming (HIPRO), etc IHS gives the scope to budding Physicians to boost their career in BPT (Bachelor in Physiotherapy) Full fledged department of physiotherapy caters to the needs of the patients with musculo skeletal disorder. Students here get the top-notch facilities& environment to seek the prime career. Along with practical knowledge the students can assess many other facilities like the Library, Lab,Hostels etc . The Roupya Memorial Library is a comprehensive collection of books, journals & periodicals. There is Internet facility for the students for browsing the web to get latest information. The hostel ambience is soothing & calm making it a perfect place to study. Managed by the responsible staffs of the institute, the students get home like facilities& feel. IHS is alsowell equipped with optimum facilities & infrastructures that helps the student to learn things by practically doing it. The latest facilities in the labs keep the students at pace with technology & science. And the 100% Placement record is a tradition here. The department of Training and Placement, institute interactive division of the institute has these following functions and responsibilities: • Organizing and coordinating frequent industrial visits, implant training and projects • Expert counseling. • Makes available updated database and job profile of the companies • Organizes and coordinates Campus Placement Program, • Organizes Workshops on Soft Skill Training • Personality Development • Interpersonal & Communication Skills • Program on “Technology Management” • Aptitude Training, ETC We are proud to announce few of our top recruiters: Apollo Hospital,AMRI Hospitals, Amplifon, Fortis, KIIT and many others. We wish to see aspiring professionals wishing to build a career which is dedicated for healing the sufferings of the people.

  • How can we help you out from hearing loss ?

    Imagine being cut off from communication with your loved ones. Conversations happen around you but you can’t really participate. It becomes easier to stay at home because it is too frustrating to try and hear what your friends are saying. Hearing loss is a common problem caused by noise, aging, disease, and heredity. As you age, you experience a number of changes in the way your body functions. Hearing Loss might be one of these changes. Age-related hearing loss (Presbycusis) is the loss of hearing that gradually occurs in most of us as we grow older. Almost 1 in 2 adults over age 65 experience some degree of hearing loss. Although age-related hearing loss is not a life-threatening condition, it can have a significant impact on your quality of life, if left untreated. Problems that stem from hearing loss in the elderly include: Depression Withdrawal from social life Loneliness Anger Decreased personal safety Cognitive decline Poor health Generally, Hearing loss is caused by physical changes in the ear, the auditory nerve, or in the ability of your brain to process sound. But age related hearing loss is generally caused due to: Changes in the structures of the inner ear Changes in blood flow to the ear Diabetes Use of certain medications Family history of hearing loss Impairment in the nerves responsible for hearing Changes in the way that the brain processes speech and sound Damage to the tiny hairs in the ear, responsible for transmitting sound to the brain Exposure to loud noises Smoking Older people who can’t hear well may become depressed, or they may withdraw from others because they feel frustrated or embarrassed about not understanding what is being said. Sometimes, older people are mistakenly thought to be confused, unresponsive, or uncooperative because they don’t hear well. Symptoms of age-related hearing loss typically begin with an inability to hear high-pitched sounds. Other symptoms that may occur include: Certain sounds seeming overly loud Difficulty hearing in areas that are noisy Difficulty hearing the difference between “s” and “th” sounds ringing in the ears turning up the volume on the television or radio louder than normal asking people to repeat themselves being unable to understand conversations over the telephone If you are diagnosed with Age Induced Hearing Loss, Margadarsi will work with you to improve your hearing and quality of life through Hearing aids to help you hear better- Hearing Aids are electronic instruments you wear in or behind your ear. They make sounds louder. To find the hearing aid that works best for you, you may have to try more than one. Examples like- Behind The Ear (BTE), Mini BTE, In-The-Ear (ITE), In-The-canal (ITC), Completely-In-Canal (CIC) Cochlear Implant– Cochlear implants are small electronic devices surgically implanted in the inner ear that help provide a sense of sound to people who are profoundly deaf or hard-of-hearing. Hearing loss can’t be reversed, but further damage can be stopped with some simple lifestyle adjustments such as Avoid repetitive exposure to loud sounds. Wear ear protection in places where there are loud sounds. Control your blood sugar if you have diabetes. Seek prompt help from your doctor if you develop symptoms of age-related hearing loss. As your hearing loss increases, you’re more likely to lose your ability to understand speech. However, you may keep this ability, or minimize the loss, if you seek early treatment.

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  • Institute of Health Sciences | India's Premier Institute of BASLP & BPT

    Welcome to Institute of Health Sciences Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) is one of India's premier medical institutions providing professional rehabilitation courses like BASLP, BPT, etc. It is by far India's only institution that houses all types of therapeutics and rehab support inhouse catering to patients where students can practice and perfect their skills. ADMISSION ENQUIRY SSR Our Top Recruiters Institute of Health Sciences has set trends in quality placements over and over again. Learn about the Institute View All Learn about the facilities View All The Difference at Institute of Health Sciences What Sets Us Apart At IHS, we strive to offer quality education to the BPT and BASLP students, who in turn work for the betterment of rehabilitation. Enhancing the profession of therapy and rehabilitation through education, research and services, helps cement our student’s future which is facilitated by offering them a suitable ecosystem to reap benefits from. There is no greater good than serving mankind and we would be indebted to you, if you wish to support our cause. Pragnya Prusty IHS added value to my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet people of different kinds & learn a number of things. I have received a great support from faculties & placement officials. I am thankful to IHS for providing a platform to enhance my skills to showcase my credibility. Continuous help and assistance of my faculties helped me to own NASA Hackathon as well as get an invitation for visiting Kennedy Space Center. Ratul Dey IHS has provided us an efficient platform to hone our skills. My life at IHS made me stronger and took me a step ahead. I am thankful to all the faculties and our beloved chairman Prof. Satya Mahapatra who guided us during our academic tenure. Biswajit Sadangi It's my immense luck and fortune to be a part of IHS where I could grow in terms of knowledge and advanced skillset. The entire faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one's future. My four years at IHS have been a wonderful experience of learning with prolific exposure to outside. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire faculty members and department. It's their efforts that made me count myself among better professionals. Tamanna Boobna IHS has given me an amazing exposure for the overall growth and development. The campus has a perfect blend of nature and student-friendly amenities. The method of discipline and scholastic approach of the institution helped me to win the runners-up title in the global competition held at Harvard University health innovation booth camp, Boston, United States of America. Why Choose IHS? Download Prospectus Download Download Syllabus Download BASLP Download BPT Download Fee Structure Download We strive to be better than ourselves everyday The world has countless professionals who stem from our academy after pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degree in Audiology, Speech Language pathology and Physiotherapy and keep up with their roots, by serving people across the continents. Education & Service to the Deserving A note from the Founder Desk We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We help them succeed in their careers—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it. Read More IMAT-2021 IMAT 2021 Apply Now Apply for 2021 Admissions Now! Fresher's Party 20-21 batch World Audiologist's Day Kite Festival Republic Day International Symposium on Audiological Medicine 2021 Institute of Health Sciences, around the year conducts various skill development programs, student seminars and other events for the overall growth of the students, both in curricular and extra-curricular aspects. Happenings at IHS Frequently asked questions What is the anticipated size of the class? The class size for the Audiology Program is 25 and Physiotherapy program is 30 students depending upon the candidates in the applicant pool. Ultimately, the goal is to keep the class size small enough to provide close mentorship and guidance by faculty but afford students the opportunity to learn and grow with a larger cohort. How early may I submit an application? The application opens in early June. When is the application deadline? July 15. What percentage is required for admission to the program? A minimum higher education cumulative GPA/percentage of 50% scale is required. Are there any pre-requisite criteria required for admission? For more information see the Eligibility criteria page. What kind of financial aid is available to the students? Funding possibilities include the Prerna scholarship, National Scholarship, Medhabruti Scholarship and Margdarsi scholarships are awarded on a merit basis. Low interest loans are available to qualified applicants.Funding possibilities include the Prerna scholarship, National Scholarship, MedhabrutiScholarship and Margdarsi scholarships are awarded on a merit basis. Low interest loans areavailable to qualified applicants. What clinical experiences can I expect in Audiology? Students are exposed to a broad range of clinical experiences. In addition to the Balamukunda Memorial Centre for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning in Model Centre for Children with Special Needs (MCCWSN), we currently have off-campus affiliations with Hospitals, private Clinics, Companies, Industries, physician groups, and rehabilitation facilities throughout the India. Clinical experiences include hearing evaluation, hearing aid selection and fitting, cochlear implants, Electro-physiologic assessment, vestibular assessment, and hearing loss management (aural rehabilitation). Integrated Rehabilitation Center Inauguration of " Integrated Rehabilitation Center " at Chandaka Campus on 7th Feb 2021 3rd Semester BASLP UG Examination form fill-up 2021 Contact college administration for form fill-up Observation of World Cancer Day by NSS unit at Chandaka Campus All the students and staffs are requested to attend the seminar by Dr. Rajeeb Kumar Nayak, Asst. Prof. Clinical Haemato-Oncology at SCB Medical College on 4th Feb 2021 Institute of Health Sciences signs MOU with: Space Development Nexus, Cyclops Medtech, Danaah Medical technologies, Labart Asia in the year 2021 Fresher's Party 20-21 Student's of Institute of Health Sciences organised fresher's party at Chandaka Campus, Bhubaneswar Announcements & Programs Home About Academics NAAC IQAC Blog Contact Login More... SSR_Prequalified Courses on Offer Bachelors in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Bachelor of Science in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (BASLP) course trains students to prevent, identify, and treat hearing disorders in people. View More Bachelors in Physiotherapy Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) deals with the science of physical movement & use of varius modalities for treating diseases after assessment & diagnosis of a condition. View More Master Degree in Yoga (MAY) IHS’s Master degree in Yoga trains students to learn methods to treat and develop skills in yoga therapy View More Other Certification Courses from IHS IHS under Margdarsi provides more than 20 certification courses like Manual Therapy, NDT, etc. under Audiology & Physiotherapy. View More Mission To create a top notch of healthcare system that delivers physical, mental and spiritual health need to all socio-economic strata, locally, nationally and globally. To impart quality education, research, clinical services and public awareness in the field of communication disorders disability study & rehabilitation sciences. To Develop and Empower persons with disabilities. To inculcates social value and responsibilities to the faculty members and student by imparting outreach and extension activities in the neighborhood for holistic development of the society ​ ​ Vision " An Institute of excellence of learning, Teaching, Research, Healthcare and service to the community " ​ ​ Goal Building equitable society through capacity building of persons with disability. ​ ​

  • Apply Now | IHS - India's Premier Institute for BASLP & BPT Courses

    Home About Academics NAAC IQAC Blog Contact Login More... SSR_Prequalified Step 2: Fill the Application Form to Apply Submit Application Choose a Gender Male Female Others arrow&v Choose Caste General ST/SC OBC arrow&v Class X Board International Board ICSE CBSE State Board arrow&v Upload Class X Passing Certificate Upload PDF file (Max 15MB) Upload Class XII Passing Certificate Upload PDF file (Max 15MB) You are required to pay a sum of INR 1000/- towards the Application fee for Masters in Yoga which can be paid via Net Banking or other means to the account mentioned below: ​ Payee Name: Institute of Health Sciences Account Number: 4188000100021955 IFSC Code: PUNB0418800 Branch: Punjab National Bank, IRC Village, Bhubaneswar ​ Upon payment, please attach the successful payment receipt by clicking on the button below. Upload Payment Receipt Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Thankyou! Your appliation has been submitted. Upload Ungraduate Certificate Upload supported file (Max 15MB)

  • Apply Now | IHS - India's Premier Institute for BASLP & BPT Courses

    Home About Academics NAAC IQAC Blog Contact Login More... SSR_Prequalified Step 2: IMAT 2021 Fill the Application Form to Apply Submit Application Choose a Gender Male Female Others arrow&v Choose Caste General ST/SC OBC arrow&v Class X Board International Board ICSE CBSE State Board arrow&v Upload Class X Passing Certificate Upload PDF file (Max 15MB) Upload Class XII Passing Certificate Upload PDF file (Max 15MB) You are required to pay a sum of INR 2000/- towards the Application Fee for BPT which can be paid via Net Banking or other means to the account mentioned below: ​ Payee Name: Institute of Health Sciences Account Number: 4188000100021955 IFSC Code: PUNB0418800 Branch: Punjab National Bank, IRC Village, Bhubaneswar ​ Upon payment, please attach the successful payment receipt by clicking on the button below. Upload Payment Receipt Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Thankyou! Your appliation has been submitted. IMAT 2021 Apply Now Class XII Board International Board ICSE CBSE State Board CHSE arrow&v

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