Research & Development

Research & Development treated as excellent strategies to upgrade the existing methodology which will be added value to the organization.  In order to create a revolution in rehabilitation sciences, we are developing new ideas, methods, and techniques to defend several disorders and disabilities.  We have skill and qualified researchers who have been doing new innovation in the field of Rehabilitation sciences since its establishment. We successfully created comprehensive treatment facility for those having all kinds of communication disorders with all kind of modern therapeutic interventions. 

2019 Publications 

  • Reliability And Validity Of Handy Android Application On Measurement Of Lumbar Spine Movement In Patients With Lowback Pain, International JournalClinical Skills

  • Awareness of communication disorders in children in primary and secondary school teachers: A survey.

  • Expenditure Incurred for undergoing Cochlear Implantation (CI) and Post CI rehabilitation: A status report.

  • Awareness Of Physiotherapy As A Course And Its Importance In Health Care Among High School Students –A Cross Sectional Study, International Journal Of Advanced Research 

  • Awareness And Perception Of Physiotherapeutic Intervention Among Medical Practitioner And Medical Students-A Cross Sectional Study, International Journal Of Advanced Research And Development

  • Hirayama disease: will physiotherapy help?, IJHSR 

  • Awareness of Hearing health, causes and prevention of Hearing Impairment at natal stages among pregnant women and mothers of newborn: A survey 2019

  • Limitation and Restriction in Daily life of Geriatric population with Hearing loss using ICF: A Pre and Post intervention study 2019

  • Awareness and Introduction of newborn hearing screening and intervention among parents in rural vs urban parts: A survey 2019

2017 Publications 

2016 Publications 

  • Influence Of Lower BodyFlexibility On RSA And COD InNormal Individual, Indian Journal Of Physiotherapy And Occupational Therapy

  • Qualitative Awareness OfPostural Variations In Adolescent Girls, Indian Journal OfPhysiotherapy And Occupational Therapy

  • Low energy corporeal shockwave therapy for treatment of myositis ossification in case of CVA.

  • Effect of ultra- Riez current and TENS on pain and functional ability in older patients with OA knee.

2015 Publications 

  • Reliability And Repeatability Of Shuttle Walk Test In Chronic Mechanical Low Back Pain Patients, Indian Journal Of Physiotherapy And Occupational Therapy

  • A Comparative Study On Effectiveness Of Abdominal Binder On Blood Pressure In Lying To Standing Position Among Young Self–Reported Healthy College Students, International Journal Of Current Research And Review

2013 Publications