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How to become an audiologist in India? Everything You Need To Know

Healthcare professionals in India are among the most respected and well-paid professionals. Taking up a career in healthcare means not only a stable and rewarding career but also very high prospects for social mobility. In recent times, the craze of youths towards this course has grown rapidly too.

Hearing Problem

As an audiologist, your primary responsibility will be to diagnose and treat hearing loss, conduct hearing tests, and identify children with learning disabilities. If you’re interested in becoming an audiologist in India, here is what you should know.

How can you start preparing for an audiologist course?

Many people have considered entering the field of audiology for years. If you are having doubts about entering the profession, now is a great time to start preparing yourself. It has a huge scope in upcoming times as there is a greater need for audiologists in India now. With the rise of patients suffering from speech and hearing issues, the demand for audiologists will be higher.

Students studying in the 12th grade science stream will have to focus on getting good marks first. After completing their boards, there are four ways to become an audiologist in India. However, only science stream students can apply for audiologist courses.

  • Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Once you have passed your boards, you can start preparing for college level and state level rehabilitation courses and competitive examinations. However, there are some private colleges that provide you with admission on the basis of your performance in interviews, tests, and direct marks.

Get admission to a BASLP course at a reputed institution. Other than that, you can enrol in a Master of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology and then a Doctor of Philosophy in Audiology.

  • Bachelor of Science in Audiology

Pass your 12th with science and then join a B.Sc. in Audiology course. You can get admission to this by giving a university-level entrance examination, or even direct admission is allowed in some colleges.

Finish your Bsc. in Audiology course, then pursue an Msc. in Audiology and a Doctor of Philosophy in Audiology.

  • A Diploma in Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation

If you don’t want to become an audiologist in India, you can also do a Diploma in Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation course. Next, you can do a PG Diploma in Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation and a PhD in Audiology. However, there is another option to pursue an M.Sc. in Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation in place of a PG diploma.

The Skills Required to Become an Audiologist

  • Patient counselling

  • Active Listening

  • Patience

  • Compassion

  • Critical thinking skills.

  • Communication skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Diagnose skills

Take Charge of Your Success!

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