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Is BPT course the right choice for students?

When it comes to the BPT course, there are many misconceptions existing in the students’ mind. And that’s all because of they lack the proper knowledge about this course. Some consider it a tough choice but how far this is true for all?

To be honest, it’s much easier than the MBBS course. Are you ready to take up this course or do you fit for it? You must ask these questions from yourself before choosing this course.

In short, BPT course would be a great choice but only if you choose it after considering your strength, weakness, and interests. Read this blog to understand more about the BPT course.

What is BPT Course?

It’s an undergraduate program of 4 years along with six years of mandatory internship. This course aims on the study of anatomy and physiology. It is an important area of rehabilitation because it shows how the body works, how muscles move and how they can be weakened or strengthened to help improve movement, flexibility and overall well-being.

Factors to Consider Before Taking Admission to BPT course

Taking up the Bachelor in Physiotherapy course is no easy task. You need to be well-prepared. And there are many factors that you should take into consideration before making a decision of joining this course. One of the most important factor is your interest but there are many others that you can find below:

Your Interests

No student should choose a course blindly. It’s always recommended to analyse yourself and note down your interests. Just because BPT course has a great scope in terms of getting jobs and wide career opportunities, it doesn’t mean that you will be happier and satisfied while pursuing it.

On the other hand, if you love to end other’s suffering and see them without any physical disability, BPT course would fit the right choice for you. It teach you a lot about human body and the movement disorders. At the same time, you learn about different ways to free someone from physical movement issues using modern physiotherapy techniques.


Budget is a common factor that breaks the dream of many students. If you are also the one who is low on budget but want to pursue the BPT course, then the best you can do is choose a budget friendly institution. You can also apply for the scholarships to get admission in your favourite institution regardless of the cost.

Career Opportunities

This is the most important factor because it will decide what you are up to in life. Physiotherapy is a highly sought after career that allows students to work with patients in their homes as well as perform clinics and hospitals.

Undoubtedly, BPT course is a crucial part of health care system. It is an excellent field to explore your talents and skills. You can pursue a job working with health care institutions, research and innovation in the area of health care or you may go for private practice.


What’s the purpose of taking a course that will not provide you a secure future? You have to be careful in making the choice of course. It’s important to undertake the scope as well and find out how far your desired course is going to take you in career.

The scope of Bpt course is never ending because people nowadays are always in hurry to get things done.

Bachelor in Physiotherapy has a great future scope as the sectors which require good physiotherapists are increasing day by day. It is sure that physiotherapy will be counted among the most sought after masters degree in near future.

Your Performance

Your academic performance will decide what course you are going to get in your favourite college. For instance, if you want to get admission in BPT course, it’s important to score at least 50% in your 12th. However, reserved candidates can get some relaxation but not more than 5%. Hence, only apply to an institution when your 12th score is equal to or higher than 50%.


For admission to BPT course under IHS, the applicant must be:

  • Age limit- 17 to 21 years as on 1st July (relaxation in age will be given as per government norms)

  • Gender - both boys & girls can apply.

  • Qualification - Minimum +2 Science (12th standard or Higher Secondary School Certificate from any recognized board or university) with physics, chemistry & biology.

  • The applicant should have 50% marks in their qualifying examination.

  • Those, whose results of qualifying exam are awaited, can also apply.

  • The applicant shall face an Aptitude Test and shall be admitted on the basis of the test/interview

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BPT Curriculum


  • Psychology and Sociology Section

  • A: Psychology Section

  • B: Sociology Therapeutics-1

  • Section A: Exercise Therapy-I

  • Section B: Exercise Therapy-II


  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Biochemistry

  • Therapeutics-II

  • Section A: Exercise Therapy-II

  • Section B: Electro Therapy-II


  • Pathology, Microbiology and

  • Pharmacology

  • Section A: Pathology, Microbiology

  • Section B: Pharmacology

  • Bio-mechanics, Kinesiology and

  • Bio-engineering

  • Community Medicine

  • Medicine


  • Surgery-I

  • Medicine-II

  • Section B: Cardiology and Work

  • Physiology

  • Section B: Paediatrics

  • Physiotherapy in Cardio

  • Pulmonary conditions

  • Section A: PT in Cardiovascular

  • conditions

  • Section B: PT in Pulmonary

  • Conditions


  • Physical diagnosis & physical fitness.

  • Physiotherapy in Surgical conditions


  • Medicine-III

  • Medicine-IV

  • Surgery- II (Ortho and Neuro Surgery)


  • Rehab Sciences

  • Alternative Medicines

  • Professional Management and Ethics

  • Research Methodology,

  • Bio-statics and Introduction to Computer Sciences


  • Physiotherapy in Neurological conditions

  • Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal conditions

  • Project based on Research

  • Methodology and bio-statistics

Institute of Health Sciences – Trend Setter and Unique Medical Institution

The best way to become a registered physiotherapist is to take a physiotherapy course at an accredited institution. So if you think you're interested in studying physiotherapy, pursue BPT Course from Institute of Health Sciences (IHS).

It’s the NAAC B++ accredited institution that has produced a number of students since 1999. Being a unit of Margdarsi foundation, IHS has done an incredible job in providing rehabilitation services to the patients. It has also setting an example by bringing revolution in creating hundreds of physiotherapists every year.

We prepare hard working and dynamic individuals that have a passion to help others. We train them to face every challenge that comes their way in treating the patients. Many of our physiotherapy graduates are working in the reputed public hospitals and private health institutions all over the world.

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