• Debendra Kumra Dehury

IHS BPT Course: Key to Career Growth and Building Healthy Society

Physical dysfunctions can lead to a stressful life and no one wants that. However, thanks to Physiotherapists for being a great support to the people suffering from several physical dysfunctions, neuromuscular and skeleton systems. They are responsible for treating physical dysfunctions in your body.


Physiotherapists can examine and diagnose movement dysfunction, healing, and pain from trauma, bodily malfunction, physical disorder, and various other neuromuscular and skeleton issues.

If you feel good to help such people and provide them physical therapy, then IHS (Institute of Health Science) BPT (Bachelor in Physiotherapy) is a great career choice to make after 12th.

IHS: India's Premier Disability Rehabilitation Centre

How does this course help a student?

After completing +2, every student faces problems in making career decisions as many opportunities are there in front of them. They feel confused and don’t have any idea of which way to go. However, we are here to show them the right path.

IHS Classroom

As you are seeing the rise of people suffering from movement dysfunction around us, they are in immediate need of physiotherapy treatment. By doing the IHS BPT course, you can help in freeing them from the intolerable pain and stress that they are living due to bodily function. You will also learn different skill sets to help people during post-operation and pre-operation.

In the US alone, 42 million people are facing certain movement disorders in U.S. This data is just to show how important the role of physiotherapists is in our society.

Why should you take the IHS BPT course?

IHS BPT course opens a plethora of opportunities for you because it’s a demanding career in the healthcare industry. Whether in a rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and private clinics, they are needed everywhere. You can open your clinic as well after gaining some experience.

Institute of Health Science has come up with this 4.5 year of BPT program, which has been recognized by the government of Odisha. When you finish this course, the degree is rewarded to you by Utkal University. And then, you can earn money by working wherever you wish.

Apart from all these factors, IHS is trying to build a society that cares for patients having movement disorders. It is producing a number of physiotherapists to make people in our society healthier.

Final Words

Every year, plenty of students arrive at our college looking for admission to various programs. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of our courses and start growing yourself with the right career decision. Get enrolled today!

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