• Debendra Kumra Dehury

How is IHS redefining audiologists in India?

Audiologists in India are the professionals that identify and treat patients with hearing issues. They concentrate on preventing diagnosis and managing hearing loss. At the same time, audiologists restore the standard of life for the people fighting with hearing impairment.

If you are planning to be an audiologist in India, this is going to be a rewarding career. This is because you will bring some change in someone's life, and nothing is more satisfactory than that.

According to the Global Audiology research data, more than 10,000 people have completed their graduation from Indian Speech and hearing school since 1966. And by 2016, 6000-7000 students were practicing for the audiology profession currently.

In a 2011 survey by National Sample Survey Organization, it was found that out of the total Indian population, 18.9% are dealing with hearing impairment and 7.5% of them face speech issues. But the number of audiologists and speech pathologists is not up to the mark.

According to the ISHA Foundation (India Speech and Hearing Association), the total number of registered audiologists and speech therapists is 2500. These stats are disappointing for us so IHS (Institute of Health Science) has taken the responsibility of changing this scenario. It is offering a 4-year program of Bachelor in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.

Building Future Audiologist

Students Learning at IHS

With the primary goal of creating well-trained audiologists at the global level, the experts of our program are always there to help you in building fundamental knowledge on communication technologies, rehabilitation therapies, and audiology. Besides, we make sure to contribute growth to your personality. This helps in getting a good position in an organization.

We use the latest test equipment and follow the best approach for training so that the students can work anywhere they want in the future. Having knowledge of the latest tools give keeps you up to date with the current trends, patterns, and ongoing research in this field.

Widening Opportunity

IHS Classroom

IHS is providing wide opportunities to the students for learning and exploring BASLP courses in-depth. When you finish your graduation with the IHS BASLP course, it opens up the door to several jobs. You can work as a clinical supervisor, researcher, teacher, and much more. So, it's the right time to take advantage of these job opportunities for you by finishing IHS BASLP course.

The need of Audiologists is not going to reduce anytime. It's a demanding career choice so you are going to earn a lot and help people as well in getting rid of hearing impairment.

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