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BPT Course- The Ultimate Guide To Become A Successful Physiotherapist

Updated: Jul 3

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is the hottest field of interest for the students nowadays. It changes your life and offers you happy moments with many new experiences. This can become a stepping stone in your career and make your future successful.

A Successful  Physiotherapist

If you also want to make a career in physiotherapy, it’s a great choice for you. The students aspiring to become physiotherapists can join the top Physiotherapy Colleges in Bhubaneswar or anywhere in India.

But, don’t start packing your bags just. You need to choose the right college and training programs to start.

Many students are confused about where and what colleges they can go to according to their preferences

To make this process simpler for you, we are here. Institute of Health Sciences has taken the responsibility to create fully trained and professional BASLP and BPT graduates. Get some tips on deciding what’s best for you here.

What Should You do Before Taking Admission to a Rehabilitation Course?

Get to Know Yourself

Knowing yourself will help drive your success in life. We all have goals we want to achieve and that's something we are sure everyone has in common, but it isn't as easy to achieve as you may think.

Some of us might change our minds along the way, some of us may lose hope, and others are lazy and unsure what to do next.

The real problem is that a lot of people aren't aware of themselves. They don't know what they enjoy doing most.

Thus, spend time analyzing what you love to do in life. For instance, if your primary goal is to help people in life and end their suffering, rehabilitation science is a great field for you to start with.

Know the Difference

Rehabilitation science is a challenging but also rewarding course on offer. Feel free to look at the big picture, and overview all the different options you can choose from under rehabilitation science which include; Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Bachelor in Speech Language and Audiology, Bachelor in Special Education, and many more.

Knowing the difference between each one of them is an important aspect to consider before you freely decide to pursue either of them. If you are not aware of the difference, then you will not choose the right course for you.

Ask Your Seniors

Choosing the right science course is important as it will determine your future. Thus, you must be well-informed while deciding on the perfect one.

Well, we all know that research is essential before choosing a particular course but, asking seniors is just like using Google.

A Successful  Career in BPT

Just by asking them and learning from their experiences, you can save yourself from making wrong decisions. Not just that, seniors give the best advice from their experience too.

Get Career Consultation

If you are confused, better to contact a career consultation. You can take the help of the Institute of Health Science as it provides consultation for the students interested in rehabilitation science.

Do put your queries on email or feel free to call to know more about any rehabilitations science course. This way, you can avoid choosing a course that feels stressful.

Do Your Research

After talking to seniors and getting a consultation, you can do your own research to measure the scope of a specific course such as BASLP or BPT.

Find out the job opportunities, expected salary, trends in the job pattern, and many more. In the end, take the final decision that suits you.

BPT Course

Try not to get confused between two courses. And the most important thing is to consider the background of your family. If they can take a loan or afford your course fees, get admission and work hard for that.

About Institute of Health Sciences, Bhubaneswar

We are a premium medical institution in India and among the leading Physiotherapy Colleges in Bhubaneswar.

We are a brand of the Margdarsi Foundation which specializes in the medical degree course of rehabilitation science. We have put an immense effort to set a trend and serve students as a unique medical institution in Odisha.

If you want to be an audiologist, speech language pathologist, physiotherapist, or yoga teacher, then it’s the best place to begin your career.

Under IHS (Institute of Health Sciences), you can pursue Bachelor in Physiotherapy, Bachelor in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, and many other certification courses.

Our Placement Record

The institute has been successful in training students and we have groomed them to get placed in reputed organizations throughout the nation.

Students who graduated from our institute are working in different hospitals and clinics. We have a very good placement record with the help of our tie-ups with hospitals and other organizations.

The Institute of Health Sciences always takes the steps to provide successful students with the best placements, career opportunities, and job offers.

The teachers working here are experts who have lots of experience in their respective fields to impart to us the best education. They guide the students through every step of career development.

Students are given job training for a particular period of time that varies from student to student so that they are trained enough to face interview rounds confidently.

In terms of placement, we are performing pretty well in recent years. For this, the credit goes to the hard work of students and their dedication to their courses.

Physiotherapist Course in IHS

Without them, it was tough to establish IHS as among the top medical science rehabilitation physiotherapy colleges in Bhubaneswar.

Perks of Studying in IHS

Institute of Health Sciences offers all the student-friendly facilities to help them study without facing any problems.

It provides a well-balanced infrastructure. There are spacious classrooms, and experiment rooms equipped with all necessary amenities. LCD projects and the smart class system create a perfect environment for them.

IHS library is full of books and journals, which makes will make you feel like you are in heaven.

The Staff of IHS is so friendly that, you will be comfortable studying. The location in front of the university is a supremely cool place to study with awesome weather.

A hostel facility is ideal for students who don't want to go outside for completing their studies.

The faculty is supportive and friendly and always ready to help you. You feel that you have made a good choice when compared to other BPT Colleges in Bhubaneswar.

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Audiology and Physiotherapy Course Fees

The fees of our courses are based on the length of the course and what course you have enrolled for.

BASLP Course: 12 lakhs 75 thousand for the 4-year program including hostel accommodation, 10 lakhs 50 Thousand without hostel

BPT Course: 9 lakhs for the 4-year program hostel accommodation, 6 lakhs without hostel accommodation

Why choose the Institute of Health Sciences?

A great transformation has been observed in the rehabilitation sector. Nowadays, innovative practices are being practiced for the treatment of mental, physical, and other health disorders.

Institute of Health Sciences has also adopted recent development and procedures and taught the same to the students.

It has what it takes to provide you with the benefits of gaining knowledge from a top-notch institution.

One of the main reasons students from our Institute of Health Sciences take up courses here is because we make the courses job-oriented.

Passing out our students are working in private hospitals, hospitals, and clinics, government institutions due to our course content based on the industry requirements.

Our core focus is to provide the best knowledge and resources so that students can be employed after passing out.

The best thing about this institute of that it makes sure that all its students are guided in a way to helps them understand and imbibe every concept very well.

This is done in such a manner that each student gets to know what he or she should know and practice.

Physiotherapist Course

Every student who joins this institute is sure to enjoy a better learning experience with no bottlenecks.

The reason why this institute has been able to achieve such unparalleled results is because of the hard work, dedication, and determination of its teachers.

They have been more than willing to go the extra mile in ensuring 100% satisfaction of their students.

Come and join us in your journey of becoming an audiologist, speech-language pathologist, or physiotherapist. We can turn your dream of becoming a doctor come true.

For admission assistance in one of the most reputed physiotherapy colleges in Bhubaneswar, you can email admission@ihsindia.org.

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