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BPT Course 2022: New Opportunities In Most Untapped Industry

Do you know the current scenario for physiotherapists in India? In numbers, only 0.59 physiotherapists are there to meet the demand of a physically disabled population of 10,000.

Is it a disappointment or the lack of awareness among youths about physiotherapy? We don’t know, but to fill such a massive gap, youths have to come forward.

As a physiotherapist, you can help people with movement and physical activity. There is a growing need for physiotherapists across both private clinics and hospitals in India.

They are getting an excellent number of job prospects every year in different cities throughout India.

And if you are planning to do this course, there are numerous BPT courses in India to help you become a certified physiotherapist.

BPT Course 2022: The Rising Demand for Physiotherapists in India

The reason is the growing awareness of physical fitness among people in India. You might be wondering whether it is a viable career option or not. Let’s check it out.

What is the current need for physiotherapists in India?

The World Health Organization data states that there should be one physiotherapist per 10,000 people.

Given India's current population, the number of physiotherapists required will exceed 1.5 lakh.

They are needed everywhere, from hospitals, fitness centres, gyms, clinics, rehabilitation centres, etc.

In the future, we may even see them in corporations. They are hired by MNCs for the wellness of their employees.

How can India fill the huge gap in physiotherapists?

As of now, India is facing a huge gap in physiotherapists. It has been increasing day by day, and the number of people suffering due to the unavailability of physiotherapists has increased.

India can fill this huge gap by introducing certification courses, increasing awareness, and by bringing in new job opportunities.

First of all, it is necessary to spread awareness regarding the importance of physiotherapy, health, and wellness among young people. They are the future of health care and medical science.

Many of them still don’t know the opportunities available after completing the BPT course. Hence, awareness is the key to building future physiotherapists.


  • Minimum 50% marks in the 12th (might vary according to the colleges)

  • A candidate must be at least 17 years old but not more than 21 years old.

  • Should perform well in the college entrance test or interview.

  • Must have passed through the science stream, including biology, physics, and chemistry.

Job Opportunities

  • Health Institutions/Fitness Centres

  • Defence Medical Establishments

  • Sports physio rehabilitator

  • Osteopath

  • Customer Care Assistant

  • Researcher

  • Lecturer

  • Consultant

  • Therapy Manager

  • Assistant Physiotherapist


The BPT course covers different areas of the human body. In the first year, you will learn about human anatomy, psychology, basic nursing skills, etc.

The next year will teach you about pathology, exercise therapy, the Indian constitution, pharmacology, and so on.

There is a mandatory 6-month internship too, which you will have to do after the final year.

So, are you prepared for the BPT course?

BPT Course Professors

Why should you study for a BPT course at IHS?

The IHS BPT course has been designed keeping in mind the practical situations that graduates will be expected to take care of, both in rural and urban India.

It will give you the right skills to help you identify your patients with special needs and choose the right therapy to improve their quality of life.

This course has a very high rating among students who have pursued it. And, the best part? We are 100% placement-oriented and aim to place you in one of the best rehabs in India or abroad.

Other than that, you can also study for the BASLP course and work for the welfare of patients suffering from speech and auditory problems.

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