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BPT Course 2022: 5 Focus Areas That All Physiotherapy Undergraduates Should Prioritize

Updated: Jul 3

Bachelor in Physiotherapy is one of the most easy-to-approach courses, meant for those who

want to work in the rehabilitation sector.

It is a 4-year course and a degree that can fetch you a handsome career. The basic requirement will be the completion of the 12th standard.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

With a Bachelor in Physiotherapy qualification, opportunities are plenty and there is a huge earning potential.

A physiotherapist is a trained healthcare professional who provides prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and management of health conditions related to physical health and movement.

He or she helps clients to develop, recover and maximize their functional abilities. To become a physiotherapist, your basic requirements include completing a degree in the field.

You can opt for a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy or complete other shorter courses as well.

Over the years, the BPT Course has seen tremendous development and inclusion in the mainstream medical field.

Despite this, there are many myths surrounding it which completely derail people from considering this as a career option.


As a reader, you must know that becoming a physiotherapist is not only exciting and interesting but also very rewarding.

Here our Institute of Health Sciences, one of the reputed Physiotherapy Colleges in Bhubaneswar busting these 5 myths about bachelor in physiotherapy courses.

1) Bpt Course Will Provide Low Salaried Jobs

With the growing demand for physiotherapists in India, it’s no doubt that competition is rising.

Companies looking for Bachelor in Physiotherapy professionals are paying high for retaining them to provide excellent service to their patients.


In general, their salaries vary enormously, depending on the different areas of practice. The highest-paid physiotherapists are reported to be those working in private and government hospitals.

It is not uncommon for hospital physiotherapists to earn more than $80000 per year in a foreign nation and more than 5 lakhs in India on an average.

Practice area and location are two key factors in determining how much you can earn as a physiotherapist.

So, it’s a popular misconception rooted in the mind of medical students that the BPT Course will lead to low-salary jobs.

Once you choose the BPT course, it’s going to be a fulfilling career for you. In a long term, the BPT course can benefit you in several ways.

physiotherapist in India

You can not only make some money but also get to know a lot about the suffering of human life due to chronic and acute post surgeries pain.

2) It’s a Boring Course

Physiotherapy involves studying human anatomy, movement, health, and well-being. Graduates from the BPT course help their patients by addressing the problem of their physical and mental health.

How can you even think of this as a boring course? There is a lot to learn about the human body.

Best physiotherapist

It’s neither boring nor a difficult one. If you are interested in treating the disabled and making them free from any kind of body pain, then the BPT course would be the perfect choice for you.

IHS makes this course more fun with the help of experienced faculty members. They are always ready for you to help wherever you need.

3) No Future Scope

It’s a wrong impression made by others about the BPT course you. This course has a great future scope.

In fact, a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy has opened new frontiers for patients and made their life easy.

Unlike some years back, it is no more required to travel and spend hours to get physiotherapy treatment.

With the improvement in medical science and the introduction of bachelor in physiotherapy course and its gradual acceptance around the world, patients can get treatment from home itself from the best nursing home or hospitals near them.

physiotherapist treatment

Moreover, among the patients, the need for physiotherapists is increasing. Whether it’s in the fitness center or sports, physiotherapists are needed everywhere.

Even when you are doubting, it is still an excellent choice since it empowers you to become an extremely competent and reliable personal trainer, soccer coach, or other sports personnel.

4) Fewer Opportunities Available

For the physiotherapists, plenty of opportunities are available. It’s up to you whether you are ready to grab them or trust those who are misguiding you.

After MBBS and other medical courses, the BPT course brings you to a reputed profession where you will be working with sportspeople, gym freaks, and more.

Health physiotherapist

The course of Bachelor in Physiotherapy is designed in such a way that students will become trained professionals for physiotherapy-related job roles.

The job roles here include Clinical Physiotherapist, Sports Physiotherapist, Vascular Health Professional, Researcher, and more.

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5) Not Lands You to a Reputed Profession

Getting a degree from a college always helps you in your future endeavors, and a Bachelor of Physiotherapy is one of the most sought-after degrees out there. It’s just for those who want to dedicate their lives to the service of their fellow beings.

And yes, this degree will land you in a reputed profession because being a physiotherapist, you get the chance to meet with different people.

What makes students choose IHS from other institutes?

There are many universities providing education in physiotherapy, Speech-language Pathology, and audiology programs such as the Institute of Health Sciences which remains its distinct mark in the education industry.

Students are always worried about where to get the best results with good quality education. In a way, they want an institution with a flexible procedure that is also affordable yet will not compromise their performance. This is what IHS offers to its students.

Clinical Physiotherapist

The Institute of Health Sciences is an old and premium institute for Bachelor in Physiotherapy and other rehabilitation medical science courses.

With our excellent placement record, we have emerged as one of the most preferred physiotherapy colleges in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

The primary mission of IHS is to empower health professionals by promoting the highest standards of education, research, and clinical services.

Contact us for admission in our BASLP, BPT, and other short-term rehabilitation programs and make your future secure with us.

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