• Debendra Kumra Dehury

BASLP vs BPT: Which course is best for you?

A lot of folks are debating between BASLP and BPT. Which is better from a career perspective? If you are confused between the two, it's better to go through the pros and cons of each.

This is also a common question that every student asks while trying to achieve his goals in the medical field.

Both the courses are popular and well-known career options. In fact, they can provide you with numerous professional career opportunities.

So here we are going to end the debate and share our views on both courses. Eventually, both are unique in their own way, with different pros and cons.


As people's lives become more hectic, they have become prone to suffering from movement disorders. Moreover, poor diet and not taking care of the body is another reason why many end up with arthritis, dystonia, and so on.

As a result, the demand for physiotherapists has increased to a wider extent among the working class and senior citizens. because they are at the highest risk of suffering from movement issues.

Seeing the current situation in the world, it’s best to pursue a physiotherapist course. You can work at a consulting firm, a clinic, hospitals, gyms, and many other opportunities are there. But, you have to be prepared for the challenges ahead in your career as the competition is high.

However, doing BASLP will also open up several opportunities because the number of audiologists in India is not more than or close to 10000. If you are planning to go for a BASLP course, there is no need to worry about much competition. Already, there aren't enough speech pathologists and audiologists.But, this course is only for those who really have an interest in it.


Undoutedly, physiotherapists earn good money, but only after having some experience in the field. Once you start working in foreign nations, your salary will increase.

An audiologist can earn well from the starting point of his career. He doesn’t have to do anything extra for a side income.

On an average, an audiologist earns 28,500 INR (lowest) to 88,400 INR (highest) per month in India, whereas a physiotherapist can make Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month. So, from the salary point of view, BASLP will be the best choice. Now, the final decision is up to you.

Come Here to Fulfill Your Dreams

The IHS (Institute of Health Science) offers the best rehabilitation courses to assist you in achieving your goal.Whether you want to pursue a BASLP or BPT course, our institution provides both options to you.

IHS has become a milestone in the field of rehabilitation and health science. Our faculty have extensive experience and are always ready to help students with every kind of assistance. The institute also includes a demonstrative lab equipped with sophisticated instruments and facilities to deliver practical knowledge to the students.

Make your final decision and do let us know if any help is required in consultation. We can help you choose the right one among both options.

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