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BASLP Syllabus 2022: Check Out What You Will Learn In The Academic Year?

BASLP is one of the most untapped and highly popular rehabilitation course in India. There are lot to learn in Bachelor in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology course.

People are empathic and This is true, especially in the medical and healthcare fields. However, students who possess these characteristics are ideal candidates for the BASLP Syllabus.

For example, have you ever found someone not able to hear or speak? What was your first thought? Didn’t you feel like helping that person? If so, you have found your life's passion.

You have a strong willingness to help a disabled person. If you want to become a rehabilitation professional so that you can help people with speech and hearing loss, then the BASLP Syllabus Course is the right choice for you.

BASLP Syllabus 2022

What is included in BASLP Syllabus Course?

The Bachelor in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (BASLP) course comprises a 4-year full-degree course wherein you learn about the various aspects of human hearing and speaking.

Along with that, students will have to complete an internship period of one year after the final semester.

You will learn the different ways to identify, treat, and prevent speech loss and hearing disorders.

Apart from that, you will be introduced to hearing aids and related technology. The primary objective of the BASLP syllabus course is to equip students with:

  • Work as audiologists and speech-language pathologists under different working conditions.

  • Get an understanding of speech, language, communication, hearing, and disability screening, evaluation, diagnosing, and finding the complicated disorders relating to speech, language, swallowing, and hearing disorders.

  • Execute the public awareness and education program.

  • Take advocacy measures for people who have speech, language, and hearing disorders.

BASLP Syllabus by Semester

Starting from the first year of the BASLP Course, there are 6 semesters that a student has to pass.

Baslp Students in IHS

After that, you have to do a year of internship, which is mandatory to get the BASLP degree and become a professional audiologist or speech language pathologist. The admission process begins from June and end in the July month.


  • Introduction to human communication Speech Language development and disorders.

  • Introduction to hearing and hearing sciences Management of the hearing impaired

  • Basic medical sciences related to speech and hearing Psychology related to speech and hearing

  • Clinical practicum, speech language pathology Clinical practicum audiology

  • Computer Fundamentals (Optional)


  • Speech language diagnostic and therapeutics Articulation and phonological

  • Disorders Voice and laryngectomy

  • Motor speech disorders

  • Diagnostic Audiology

  • Amplification devices for persons with hearing impaired Paediatric Audiology

  • Clinical practicum, speech language pathology Clinical practicum audiology

  • Computer Fundamentals (Optional)


  • Fluency and its disorders

  • Neurogenic language disorders in adults Rehabilitation Audiology

  • Noise measurements and hearing conservation

  • Community oriented professional practices in speech language pathology and audiology

  • Basic statistics and scientific enquiry in audiology and speech language pathology

  • Clinical practicum, speech language pathology Clinical practicum audiology

  • Environmental Studies (Optional)


  • Child Language Disorders

  • Diagnostic Audiology – Physiological Tests

  • Implantable Hearing Devices

  • Clinicals In Speech Language Pathology

  • Clinicals In Audiology


  • Structural Anomalies & Speech Disorders

  • Fluency and its Disorders

  • Pediatric Audiology

  • Aural Rehabilitation in Children

  • Clinicals in Speech-Language Pathology

  • Clinicals in Audiology


  • Motor Speech Disorders in Adults

  • Language Disorders in Adults

  • Aural Rehabilitation in Adults

  • Audiology in Practice

  • Clinicals in Speech-Language Pathology

  • Clinicals in Audiology

  • Rotatory Internship For 10 Months In Various Hospitals & Clinics

  • after internship viva will be conducted

  • Clinicals In Speech Language Pathology

  • Clinicals In Audiology

BASLP Course Fees

The Institute of Health Sciences (IHS), Nayapalli, the BASLP Course fees are as follows:

  • 12 lakhs, which includes the hostel facility

  • 9.75 lakhs without the hostel facility.

Why Should You Study the BASLP Course?

Grab The Opportunity

Speech therapists and audiologists are in high demand. According to reports, there are only 5000 professional speech therapists available in India to meet the needs of 50 million people. Now, the solution is you.

Learn from the basics and become a leading figure in the sphere of speech therapy. There is also a strong need to create awareness amongst people about speech therapy to encourage them to get professional help.

Become Part of a Growing Industry

The healthcare sector is flourishing, and audiology and speech therapy are not far behind. It’s also growing at a rapid pace.

Job growth for the audiology sector is expected to be around 13% starting from 2019 to 2029. In a 10-year period, 1800 new jobs will be created.

On the other hand, the speech therapy market will grow by 25% from 2019 to 2029, which is pretty fast when compared to other sectors.

This will lead to more than 40,500 speech and language pathology jobs in the 10 year period.

Job Security

Working as a speech language pathologist or in audiology ensures job security. You can start working at a clinic, hospital, or under a doctor as soon as you get the BASLP degree.

Field of Interest

Do you feel like helping speech-disabled people but don’t know how to? BASLP is one such degree that makes you capable of helping people suffering with speech or hearing-related disorders.

As you complete the BASLP syllabus course and obtain your degree, doors will open for you to work in NGOs, private, and government clinics.

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What Job Roles Would be Ideal For You?

BASLP graduates have many options to choose from after completing their BASLP degree:


It’s one of the most prominent and demanding fields because you are solely responsible for identifying and treating hearing disorders in patients. You will also be dealing with auditory balance, geriatrics, paediatrics, and other issues.

Clinical Supervisor

As a clinical supervisor, you have to take care of the patients’ needs and ensure that they are receiving quality treatment and facilities.

You will also have to see whether the medical facility and staff being provided are adhering to the ethical and professional standards or not.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Being a speech-language pathologist, you give a second life to people’s voices. Many a time, an individual dealing with a speech disorder struggles with speaking or swallowing food. You can restore the natural function of their motor skills and treat their speech disorders.


Why work in clinics and hospitals only? If you enjoy interacting with students and teaching, consider becoming a lecturer or teacher in a special school. It will be an amazing experience and may turn you into a better human being.

Baslp Teachers in IHS

BASLP Syllabus and Course Salary

The salary of a BASLP in India can start from around Rs. 11K. But this is only the average. You can earn anywhere between Rs. 11K and Rs. 31K per month depending on your level of experience and skills.

However, this is limited to India only. You can earn a lot more by joining foreign clinics and hospitals.

Start Your Journey as an Audiologist or Speech Language Pathologist

Start your journey as an audiologist or speech-language pathologist and take the BASLP course from the Institute of Health Science.

This course will prepare you for a fulfilling career in audiology and/or speech-language pathology.

You will get the knowledge and hands-on experience that are required to begin your career right after you've finished the BASLP Course.

Why Choose IHS for Pursuing a BASLP Course?

The Institute of Health Sciences, Nayapalli, has achieved success in putting BASLP graduates in some of the most reputed places around the world.

Through the IHS BASLP syllabus source, the college will give you a solid foundation in this field and will allow you to turn your passion for language and verbal communication into a rewarding career as a professional speech therapist.

You can make a difference to the lives of millions of Indians through your abilities as an audiologist and speech and language therapist.

Our college is pioneering in rehabilitation medical science education with the BASLP, BPT, and many other courses.

The courses are recognized by the government of Odisha, affiliated with Utkal University, and approved by the RCI, New Delhi.

We are reputed as one of the best BASLP Colleges in India and are trying to contribute to the growing atmosphere of speech therapists and audiologists in India.

If you are ready for the BASLP syllabus course, get in touch with our admission faculty through mail or call.

Email: admission@ihsindia.org

Contact: 0674-2553640 or 2550054

Address: Chandaka Village, Chandaka, India

Bhubaneswar, 754005, Odisha

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