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BASLP Course Details: What should you know before taking admission?

Spend some time with a person who can’t speak or hear properly. If the silence between you and him push you to do something for that person, obviously you should take some step. And this will begin only after choosing the right career. You have to become a certified audiologist or speech language pathologist to help such people in our society.

BASLP Course Details

As you have already decided want you want to pursue as your mainstream career, the next challenge will be of determining the right college for you. Many students come across a lot of colleges but end up being confused at the end.

However, it’s the later part as your main focus should be on understanding about the course you are going to study. You have to know every important BASLP course details before proceeding your admission process. This way, you can take the informed decision and become successful in your life.

Introduction to the BASLP Course Details

Bachelors in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the study of hearing, speech, and communication. This program teaches you about the entire functioning of human hearing and speech system.

It covers diverse issues like how brain functions relate to speech perception and how behavioral factors affect language development. The BASLP course also covers the use of technology in medicine, the history of audiology, sensory disorders etc.

Why BASLP over other rehabilitation course?

The number of people suffering from hearing impairment is on the rise. This has caused a great concern among hearing professionals, medical experts and individuals like you and me.

If you have ever heard complaints about the unavailability of qualified doctors for treating such hearing problems, then you should know that there's no reason for such unhappiness. Thus, hearing and speech rehabilitation has been a rapidly expanding field in recent years, particularly thanks to top-class experts from around the world.

Although the field of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology is booming and people are starting to recognize it more, there is still minimal understanding on why people should choose to do BASLP. Many still lacks the proper BASLP course details so they don’t take admission in this course.

Even when you already have many choices available in the rehabilitation sector, but doing BASLP will put you in a secured career position. The demand for the BASLP professionals are huge in the medical rehabilitation sciences. This is because of the current registered audiologists and speech language pathologists are not sufficient enough to help the entire economy.

BASLP Course Details Eligibility

For the BASLP course details regarding the eligibility, the applicant has to read the following points:

  • Age limit must be between 17 to 21 years as on 1st July Relaxation in age as per Government Rules)

  • Both boys & girls can apply to this course.

  • Must have passed +2 Science from any recognized board or university with physics,chemistry & Mathematics/Biology.

  • Should have 50% marks in their qualifying examination.

  • Those whose results of qualifying exam are awaited, can also apply.

  • Applicant shall face an aptitude test and shall be admitted on the basis of the test/interview.

BASLP Course Syllabus

Bachelor in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (BASLP) is a 4 year degree course. It is a multi disciplinary profession with core subjects including speech pathology, language pathology and audiology.

The medical subjects like anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, otolaryngology, pediatrics and non-medical subjects like linguistics, psychology, electronics and acoustics are integral part of this degree program. These subjects guides you towards on the path of becoming a professional Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist.

In addition, this graduate level course has the support of classroom lectures, demonstrations, seminars, workshops, journal clubs and clinical conferences.

The college also provides the practical sessions under the clinical supervision and faculty guidance. Course is updated continuously according to the Rehabilitation Council of India, New Delhi.

The course content is continuously updated with the latest trends by the direction of RCI, New Delhi. If knowing these BASLP course details push you to pursue it, go ahead.


• Communication Sciences

• Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing

• Clinical Psychology

• Linguistics and Phonetics

• Electronics and Acoustics

• Research Methods and Statistics


• Neurology

• Otolaryngology

• Speech Language Pathology

• Audiology

• Practicals (Speech Language Pathology)

• Practicals ( Audiology)


• Voice and its Disorders

• Speech Sound Disorders

• Diagnostic Audiology

• Behavioral Tests

• Amplification Devices

• Clinicals in Speech Language Pathology

• Clinicals in Audiology


• Motor Speech Disorders in Children

• Child Language Disorders

• Diagnostic Audiology

• Physiological Tests

• Implantable Hearing Devices

• Clinicals in Speech Language Pathology

• Clinicals in Audiology


• Structural Anomalies & Speech Disorders

• Fluency and its Disorders Pediatric Audiology

• Aural Rehabilitation in Children

• Clinicals in Speech Language Pathology

• Clinicals in Audiology


• Motor Speech Disorders in Adults

• Language Disorders in Adults

• Aural Rehabilitation in Adults

• Audiology in Practice

• Clinicals in Speech Language Pathology

• Clinicals in Audiology


• Clinicals in Speech LanguagePathology

• Clinicals in Audiology


• Clinicals in Speech Language Pathology

• Clinicals in Audiology

Term End Examination

The course starts from the July month and continues for the next four years with mid and end semester examination. The syllabus is adopted completely from the Utkal University and guided by Rehabilitation Council of India.

In every semester, there will be theory as well as practical papers. Some parts of the marks is received by the student from the internal assessment and mid term exam score.

While the University conducts semester exam for the theory papers. The clinical exam is jointly conducted by internal and external examiner.

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BASLP Scope of Practice & Career Opportunities

You have already gained the theoretical knowledge of the course in the first six semesters and it’s time to implement them practically. For that, you have to complete rest of the two semesters doing the internship. This will provide you in-hand practical skills to treat patient in future without any issue. Once the student is done with the internship, he will be rewarded with the competence certificate from the institution he or she is studying in.

However, this is not yet makes you eligible for carrying on the treatment of people suffering with speech and hearing disorder. Only when you are awarded the license from Rehabilitation Council of India, then you can being practicing as the registered Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist.

You can apply for the government service or in the private hospitals. If you have chosen the right institution and are competent to provide treatment, the job will come to you automatically. Many institutes provides placement at the end of the BASLP program.

Some professionals run their owned private clinics independently. This is another way to get a boost up in your career without waiting for any job. However, it’s advised to get some experience first before setting up your own clinic.

Get Your BASLP Course Degree from IHS

The Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology program is a four-year, college-level degree recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India. It is designed to prepare candidates to work in health care and provide specialized training in the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of speech, language and swallowing disorders.

Students who study in this field will be prepared to work with individuals and children suffering with hearing and speech disorders. If you want to become a speech and hearing disabilities treatment professional, then join Institute of Health Sciences, among some of the top BASLP colleges in India our bachelor's degree in audiology and speech language Pathology programs, you'll get a sound education about the treatment approaches that are used by professionals.

Through the IHS BALSP program you will be prepared for future career opportunities. The students who have completed their study here will have a better chance of landing a job in a hospital or clinic. We also provide placements every year to help the students in getting jobs just after completing their degree. For more BASLP Course Details, you can contact us:

Call: 0674-2553640 / 2550054

Email: admission@ihsindia.org

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