• Debendra Kumra Dehury

6 Jobs You Can Join After Finishing IHS BASLP Course

Many people think that finishing the BASLP course means is only for treating hearing and speech issues in disable students, but their scope is not limited to this only.

They can also work in the corporate, private hospital, and many other places while playing the same role.

Suppose you love to spend time with old aged people, but your friend prefers being with children. In that case, you both have clear career option to work at the child care center and an old-aged care center.

If you have to start a clinic, where patients can come and get treatment under you that is also a good option.

However, these are just examples. We are covering more job opportunities here. Read on to find which 6 jobs can you do after finishing the IHS BASLP course.

1) Audiologist


The roles of audiologists extend from performing clinical activities for the patients. They deal with the technology and creative skills for solving the patient’s hearing disorders. Moreover, they deal in auditory balance, geriatrics, cochlear implants, pediatrics, hearing aids, etc. The basic responsibility of the audiologist is to identify and treat the symptoms of hearing disorder and balance.

2) Clinical Supervisor

The clinical Supervisor takes care of individual casework and professional problems of employees. They work to develop counseling skills. Also, they review, evaluate, and check client treatment plans along with assessing legal problems under mental health counseling.

3) Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-language pathologist

Speech therapists, or speech-language pathologists (SLPs), serve you with an array of services and are help in preventing, assessing, and diagnosing disorders related to speech, social communication, cognitive-communication, and difficulty in swallowing food.

4) Lecturer in Special Schools

You can not only work as a teacher in a normal college or school, but also deliver your extensive knowledge to a small group of people. To work in the special school, you will get some equipment to pass the knowledge conveniently. But, you must have some specific set of skills to continue for the long term in special schools.

5) Teacher


Every teacher was a student once! We know you would love to pass your earned knowledge to other students. As a teacher, you will have to prepare lesson plans and content for online and offline teaching. Besides, you also have to form tests for students and track their performance at some time intervals.

6) Researcher

Researchers play a major role in speech and hearing aid problems. They are always engaged in studying the latest trends, technology, and solution for patients suffering from speech or hearing issues. Along with that, they conduct experiments for coming up with a better way of treating such patients.

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Final Words

For a responsible and empathetic person, the IHS BASLP course is a great opportunity that you must grab. It will give you a boost to your career after passing 12th. Visit and take the admission today. Experience growth and much more while studying on the IHS campus. Come and take your admission today!

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