Outreach Programs at IHS

Outreach programmes & community service build relationship & social connection with the people and expose students to diversity and multi culturalism. It improves communication, interpersonal & critical thinking skills and helps them to find their passions & interests.

Our institution inculcates social value and responsibilities to the faculty members and students by imparting extension activities in the neighborhood for holistic development of the society. Through extension and outreach programs, we sensitize the students to develop social values, widespread their responsibilities and knowledge in societal issues and problems by making them to involve with the community people.

Our Outreach Department

Through various screening program in schools we noticed the children with disabilities and provide them the necessary care. Our groups of professionals are actively participating for the parent counseling for the home based treatment to the persons with disabilities. Our staffs with profound interest attain the social values and responsibilities through plethora of awareness program only to extend their helping hands to them.  ‘KSHYMATA EXPRESS’ is an initiative of IHS with the collaboration of government of odisha in order to organize various health camps in the interior areas of the state.  Our officials also play the instrumental role to avail the disability certificate to the persons with disabilities in this aspect. SOG camps offer healtcare facilities to the real hero of our nation, is an absolute praiseworthy approach of our institution.

Nalini Mohanty

Director, Programmes